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Nereus - A vehicle which seeks to exploit the irrational and emotional appeal of Movement & Speed, both through the romantic and aesthetic connotations of these words, and through the visual and tactile sensations of completely new travelling experiences. These experiences are captured for later recollection and nostalgia, so that movement and its associated emotions can become part of the fabric of the users lives.

Nereus is a 3-seater fuel-cell powered vehicle, which can alter in appearance to emotionally express movement and speed.

Body panels can move independently to give the appearance of a flexible 'membrane'. During a journey, the panels move to visually reflect the driving style and route. By the time the car has reached its destination, a 'sculpture' that tells the story of the journey has been created. On a fast motorway, the vehicle will become long and streamlined; after a twisty route the shape would be more sinuous.

Ceri Yorath
Vehicle Designer near Peterborough, United Kingdom