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AI Jacksonville Grad Portfolio - Jai the Chameleon AI mascot.

For my Digital Corporate Identity class, I created Jai the Chameleon in collaboration with my team as a logo for the Jacksonville Branch of the Art Institute. Jai was hoped to embody the ideals of our student body; curious, wide eyed and full of color. Jai also represents Florida, being a lizard and his name is acronyms of Jacksonville Art Institute, as well as being a welcoming sound when spoken as "Hi". Jai started as a guerrilla campaign with "Lost Lizard" posters to get the word out, and create a buzz. Later on, Jai was to be incorporated onto the Art Institute site as a mascot. We also wanted to give away free Jai t-shirts and caps to further keep his name on the lips of incoming students.

Dwayne Breaker
Graphic Design FL