Final colorways. Colors had to remain consistent with the other products in the Caldwell lineup.
Initial theme sketches used to narrow down to final concept.
Final direction for 3D development. Additional storage and mechanical features were developed later in Solidworks.
Concepts for connecting the front and rear rest components. The parts had to slide on a track for repositioning, and the rear rest had to be removable.
Solidworks 3D modeling development, including mechanical design.
First SLA run with paint applied. Mechanical design features were tweaked after this design review.
Final production product. Shown fully assembled, with rear rest removed for handgun usage, and with handgun cover removed for use with AR-15's and other rifles.
Final production model. Rear rest adjusts length on track with use of 2 thumbscrews. Height adjustment knob can be positioned on either side, accommodating left and right-handed shooters.
Caldwell Matrix

Caldwell Matrix

Dave Yale
Industrial Designer San Jose, CA