I had to develop a custom seat footing. This is a Nismo used car seat and as usual, the footing is specific to a car. I built a template and tuned it to fit. It was a challenge. But it turned out perfect.
Here is the 5th version of a sim racing seat chassis. It started off as a DIY project for myself and through the urging of my fellow racers I decided to make it a kit to share within the sim racing community. Many factors were considered while designing/developing this unit.
Functionality, Modularity, Performance, Materials, Process are just some of them. I have a multitude of configurations ready to integrate as is needed for each racer which provides a custom build for each of my customers. It will work in small spaces, is light weight while retaining rigidity. I have a Game Box configuration, a PC Sim configuration, even a workstation conversion designed. What ever is needed to fit each racer.
3DSpeed Sim Racing Chassis

I had to develop a custom seat footing to fit a sports car seat (Supplied by my client). After some effort, I was successful with a perfect fit!

I have designed a new version of my Sim Racing chassis and even came up with a product line for it. Here is the "3DSpeed" gaming seat/racing rig. It was originally designed for use with the console game boxes and large flat screen TVs. The seat and the Wheelstand are detachable so that the seat can be used as a gaming seat stand-alone module. This also makes storage a bit easier.

For those who want a self contained rig I have a version that provides a monitor mount and a game box platform.

I also have an adaptation for those who have PC gaming setups bad need a place for a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard/mouse tray is articulated. Shown in the deployed position, it can be stowed out of the way while you using the wheel.

The kit comprises of the high-quality wood panels and fasteners.

Dale Smith
Alias Designer, Visualization lead Westland, MI