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Contact - Food of The Future: 2072

Immerse yourself within the year 2072:

With over 9 billion people now living on Earth, over population has led to global food shortages calling for a change in the way we eat at meal times. Government involvement has stimulated major investment in the food fabrication industry leading to manufacturers becoming increasingly involved in modern food production.

Contact, is a food fabrication device that utilises nanoreaction technology to produce instant solutions to food shortages.

How does it work?
Nanoreaction Technology (NRT) - the process of materials and molecules positively reacting to one another via direct contact. The longer the contact, the more food is fabricated. NRT utilises programmable substances that are equipped with nanocells containing artificial intelligence (AI). Once Contact between materials A & B are made, the programmable substances are secreted, causing a reaction and an influx in nanocells that automatically form into the users desired food at high speed.

Dale Wilkins
Product Designer Manchester, United Kingdom