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Striped Mug - A new approach to mugs, an experimentation if you will..... no handles let you hold it with both hands on a chilly day. Rubber 'O' rings insulate you from the heat. Each is hand made, slip casted in porcelain and glazed on the inside.
Hotel "Linear" Stemware Collection - Developed and sold at Macy's under the Hotel Brand, this collection combines classic shapes with an updated modern bevel cut. Each piece is made from full lead crystal. This group was developed from concept through production with the idea of reaching a younger customer base.
Fun Juice set - A fun juice set for the whole family to enjoy. Great colors and interesting shapes make this a perfect summer suite.
The Home Station - The Home Station is ideal for those who live in an urban environment were space is an issue. The size was considered for apartments and is multifunctional. There is a storage compartment for your laptop, room for your files and is easily mobile on casters.
Naturaware - An uber modern stonware program with botanical inspiration made under The Cellar brand exclusively for Macy's.
Damaris Wong
sr designer New York City, NY