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Innovative pattern making project - My design philosophy revolves around to discover how to achieve things in non conventional ways as there are always more then one way to do that and with this mind set i could break boundaries of pattern making and draping and let my self loose to collaborate the skills and achieve something new !
Dart manipulation on bodice - This bodice is inspired by the "swastika" symbol from the religion Hinduism as I have used the ease to create darts which merges together at the center front to complete the look and also there is a manipulated side seam to give an extra edge.
Origami folding Bodice - This muslin fit is inspired by the art of origami as it is created by just folding the fabric to create textures and give a structured look to complete it as a bodice with sleeves .
Nature - caves inspired dress - When nature come to my mind it comes with a vivid flow of things just merging into each other, here I have taken inspiration from a picture of caves which show a continuous formation of stalactite and stalagmite; and I try to incorporate the same vision in the garment to give it a voluminous and edgy look with a side seam variation going all the way to the back with a flare to add femininity to the garment, and the darts have been pinched to accentuate the waist.
Denim deconstruction dress - Firstly I would like to say its not as easy as it looks especially when this dress is fully wearable with a head opening and an opening for a back zipper. This dress has been made by thoughtfully deconstructing an old pair of jeans and then using the same limited amount of fabric to create an entire dress .
Multiple bodice long jacket - This jacket has been draped by creating a fabric with adjoining bodice patterns put together and by collaborating the skills of pattern making and draping together !
Exaggerated volume skirt - This skirt is designed by keeping the voluminous element in mind, and with the combination of pattern making and draping this billowing skirt has been made.
Jacket deconstruction dress - Again this was actually a men's blazer which has been thoughtfully cut out and reconstructed into a fully functional asymmetrical evening dress which has a cowl neck building up at the shoulder and an interesting and edgy back with straps for support .
Multiple panel tunic - This garment is inspired by a star and the various use of panels have been given to emphasis the star shape and also to create controlled volume along with an asymmetrical shoulder cut.
Innovative sleeve bodice - This bodice has been inspired by the Kimono sleeve but has been modified into a set in sleeve which is further the part of the waist and this entire garment is cut in one piece .
Innovative collar bodice - This is a bodice created keeping the exaggerated collar in mind which is a coat collar modified into a sleeve as well, it gives a structured and a paneled appearance at the shoulder of the body giving it a unique look.
Single shape shrug - The most interesting part about this garment is that all the panels have been made of a single shape which is a rhombus and they have been draped together to create this structured look at the back and a clear minimal collared front.
Turban twist bodice - This bodice has been inspired by the turbans that men wear in India and has been draped in a way to create the twists and turns which will not only make it interesting but also compliment the body.
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Innovative pattern making
Damneet Kaur
Design Professional Bengaluru, India