Why does a prosthetic have to look like a real limb? Everyday people choose stylish glasses over contact lenses, and prosthetics could be the same.
Prosthetics are staggeringly expensive. Even in the most developed countries, a custom made limb can be unaffordable. I wanted to create a simple tool that could be manufactured but also customizable.
The form is cut from of a sheet of high impact resistant polycarbonate and flat packed to the location where it will be needed. A cast is taken of the amputee's forearm using standard gauze and plaster. The cast is carefully removed and becomes a mold. The arm shape is heat formed using an oven or heat gun to the mold. Remove the shape from the mold and the amputee now has a custom fitted tool for very little cost.
The $25 Arm is a functional alternative to a standard hook-handed prosthetic.
$25 Prosthetic
Dana B
Design Principal at LinesDesignworks Bangkok, Thailand