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Made in collaboration with Kathleen Westerhout. Fittens are a result of our investigation into how design might bridge the gap between generations. It is also an investigation into how design can create physical and emotional connections in a relatively isolated world where many products tend to emphasize independence and self- reliance. Fittens are not just cute mittens. Their food-inspired forms encourage children and adults to communicate about metaphors, connections, and wholeness. Fittens allow children and adults to connect through play, storytelling, and hand- holding, especially during cold weather walks. Since hands are such powerful communication tools, we explored different ways to create connections with them. We wanted to create an implied or codependent connection that would motivate hands to come together in a playful, yet meaningful way. Fittens are metaphors about oneness and connection that is created when two halves or parts come together.

Dana Ramler
designer - innovation, soft goods & interactive experiences Barcelona, Spain