Haggis - This is my best friend Haggis, he's awesome.
Ultimate Office Chair
These are some sketchbook explorations of a sculpture I have been toying around with for a couple of years. Eventually, I will build it. I plan on using steel, aluminum and brass and making it 3/4 scale to an average human.
Random Printer
Quick exploration sketch of a spaceship whose wing configuration changes for space and atmospheric flight. Just for fun.
Digital sketch of a bipedal robot.
Robots are Cool - Sony made a robot named the QRIO. I decided to do a quick sketch study of it. Oh yeah, robots are cool.
An electric lawnmower with hubless wheels. Because why not?
A triptych of self portraits done in charcoal on Bristol board. 18" x 24" each.
Digital sketch of a head using some simulated charcoal. No reference.
Mobile, Digital Fish Pond - This was a 20 minute in-class sketch exercise to explore form and detail.
Toybox - Wooden version of a toy box I designed in school made with sheetgoods.
These are some ideas I had for a men's dress watch, mostly quick and dirty ideation. This watch would have a black glass face that presents as a uniform black surface and would reveal an analog watch face when the side buttons are pushed. This is from the pre-smartwatch era.
Uhh... Anthropometric van thingie
Amp Sketch - Air cooled audio amp.
Random electronic goods
Quick Shoe Sketch - I like shoes, but I am, alas, not to great at sketching them.

Mostly a bunch of random sketches that show off my thinking process. And robots.

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Dan Bishop
Senior Developmental Industrial Designer Mesa, AZ