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Bags and Cases for Laptops & iPads, Part 2
Kids' and Teens' Back to School Bags - Design of back-to-school packs for the popular ski wear brand Spyder.
Contractor's Backpack
Bags and Cases for Laptops & iPads, Part 3
Back-to-School Backpacks - Designs were a successful entry into back-to-school market; most designs were in line for several seasons, changed only in color. Design goal was to utilize Mountainsmith's heritage color and trim motifs while including features and volumes appealing to the target market of high school and college consumers.
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Designs for Laptop Cases, Back-to-School Packs, and Work Packs
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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Dan Curtiss
Industrial Designer for Softgoods, Bags, Luggage, and Accessories Boulder, CO