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The Bioflux mulcher is the next generation of citrus waste and reuse, the Mulcher is built on the revolutionary system of reduce, reuse and recycle, that which is sadly needed now a days.Within South Africa there is a big problem concerning the waste of valuable food. It is estimated that between 30%-50% of all food produced globally is wasted before getting to the consumer.. With a growing demand for alternative fuels and power being ever present what if you could use concentrated waste to create power/fuel?
The concept is that with an excess of citrus waste in the world not a lot is done with it when possibilities are endless. The Bioflux design collects excess citrus from farms and plantations and mulches it into finer grains that is then distributed within a built in bio-reactor, much like that of a methane digester, creating Biofuel.

Daniel Afonso...
Industrial designer / Interior Architect Cape Town, South Africa