The "Hummel" ("bumble bee") is a light helicopter for maximum two passengers.
It can be used for passenger transport (air taxi), as well as for e.g. emergency transports like organs or units of stored blood and of course for conventional tasks of a helicopter like monitoring (e.g. coast guard, police, army, scientists) and to be mobile. The tandem rotor design guarantees a more efficient aircraft performance as the main-tail rotor design, without wasting fuel.
part of the Designprozess
To be moved easily at the ground the "Hummel" has wheels at its forelegs and can be folded flat. Because of that it doesen`t depend on mobile heliports and can safetily be stored.
These advantages are shown especially when there is minimal space, like for example on research ships.
folding in three steps - from the flying machine to the closed box
The passengers are always balanced. No additional weights are needed.
The small size and the foldability make the "Hummel" an ideal tool on research ships.

hummel (helicopter) thesis 2004

Daniel Kocyba
dipl. Product Designer + M.A. interface design Hamburg, Germany