The Nanobot was developed within the scope of the filmproject "Fluxion" for Michael Bamber ( In his science fiction vision the nanobots appear for the first time in the middle of the 21st century and are used in the medical area and in the armed forces.
These machines that are not bigger than a red blood corpuscle act as worker and transportship at the same time. In the inside they contain additional small robot units.
If the situation demands it, the Nanobots form up into bigger machines.
This ability makes it possible to transform into any object and act like this. The roboters artifical intelligence enables them to act independently, while there is a higher computer system which supervise their actions, gives orders and corrects possible false functions.
Formation of nanobots up to a new material.

Principally the Nanobot has two states - the active state which lets him acting independently, and the passive state, which he assumes as soon as he forms collectivley up with additional units.
the "minibots"
screenshots of the filmtrailer. Please visit for more informations about the filmconcept "fluxion".


Daniel Kocyba
dipl. Product Designer + M.A. interface design Hamburg, Germany