Rough pencil sketches - Really raw sketches.. to warm up a little when i have a busy drawing day. Really quick.
Not THAT rough pencil sketches - Warm up sketches. That's what i do while i'm taking my time to think something else's design
Sketches and quickies - Sketches. I still enjoy loosing myself in different ways to sketch. Sketching is not what i am called to, but it's still damn fun. Quick pencil ones, quick colored, and "not so quick" ones (the scooter) that's what i do in the spare time while working, depending on the time i have. when i have some. ^_^
Sketches - Clockwise: 1) a scolastic sketch. it took me at least a pair of hours to do that. I am not doing sketches like that anymore for lack of time. 2) veeery quick photoshop shading of a car top view. 10 minutes in total. That's a nice antistress while working. 3) pen raw sketch. i use those kind of sketches to hand's warm up. simple and quick.
Everyday's sketching concepts - Remotes. This is a part of concept presentation during brainstormin and concept research. During the day it happends many times. The drawings quality has to be ehough to permit easy understanding, while producing loads of sheets
Photoshop quick sketches - That's a quick photoshop shading of a pencil sketch. Useful when concept is almost clear, to give 5+ shading options.
Photoshop sketches - When the concept is geomertically easy, i quick do it in 3D. Then i use screenshots and photoshop to produce in a blink tons of solutions
Everyday's sketching concept - When the brief is more than clear solutions has often to be more than quick. Just in a while before 3Ding it, i put down some ideas of a quick concept to be immediately realized
Concept sketching - Everyday's concept search. Different forms, different materials, explanations, ideas, provocations.
Everyday's sketches. - Everyday's concept search. Different forms, different materials, explanations, ideas, provocations.
Rapid evolution - Sometimes happends that there is no time to search concepts to develope. Just one shot each. A quick concept, refined, with functional explanation, 3D modeled, pre-engineered and quick shaded. Less than 2 hours.
Tech-sketches for rookies - Mass production sketches for our rookies. When i don't have the time to draw and industrialize and model a product, i let a junior do it, with a pretty well explained sketch of what is should come out. Proportions, forms, misures are pretty clears, as well as sections and materials. A certain space of creativeness is obviously left to the patient guy who has to develope it.
Carachter sketches - Just for fun. It happends that a marker come under my hands while doing something else. That's the result. Quick and fun.
Character napkin sketches - The same as the image before... but with just napking or something similar to draw on.. a pair of minutes in photoshop cures it all.
Character sketches - Pen and pencil sketches. As quick as possible, before the boss comes to toss me out ^_^ !!
Daniele Pesaresi
Creating Universes. Searching Opportunities. Milan, Italy