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Makerhaus Materials Library

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My duties included the design and development of a Materials Library for use by MakerHaus members whom work in a wide range of professions from craftsmen to architects and designers.

This project involved the physical design of various elements of the library, including sample palettes, signage, mounting elements, cost estimates, as well as the design of how members would use the Materials Library and interact with the materials samples contained therein.

During a recent visit to the MakerHaus Materials Library, Zach Kaplan, CEO of Inventables, remarked, “This is going to be the best materials library in the country.” In response to seeing and experiencing the MakerHaus Materials Library, Mr. Kaplan has expanded his company’s participation from material supplier to include exclusive video/interactive components on the Inventables website as provided by the MakerHaus community (www.inventables.com)

Daniel Galán
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