sex sells
ball and leaves - You will see this object somewhere in Bugis Street, Singapore.
3-SCROOGES - In the central part of the little island, Singapore, these 3 'scrooges' stand proud and tall, belittling everything that are around it.
Less catchy?! - Has she ever looked at those brightly coloured birds encaged in the brightly coloured cage or something more alarming had caught her attention?!
Even less catchy?! - What was this lady looking at? The presence of the brightly coloured birds encaged in a brightly coloured cage failed to get her attention. What is going on?
Attention! - Why were there such an alarming crowd? What were they exactly looking at? Give it a try, guess? =)
Shooting star - What left a mark was indeed not from that of a passing plane... It was something else that caught me to capture that very moment. What was that at that time?
Posers, I am! - Stray cats are a common sight in the sunny part of Singapore. They too inherited the flair from fellow Singaporeans to pose for a timely and impromptu photoshot from me.
Ironic!? - Were we supposed to climb up the windows to retrieve and collect the cheap carpets that were put up on the windows for sale?
queen passes king
Dennis Han
Highly Passionate Industrial Designer/ Creative Problem Solver Singapore, Singapore