AT YOUR COMMAND_02 - *PRODUCERS ARE WELCOME* *Electrical wires removed for visualization sake* Imagine the classical movable mannequin takes on a whole new form and style. The classical lamp has evolved much over the years but what if this lamp allows your imagination to run wild? And every movement of joint is at your control? What will the evolution be? The results may be controversial, provoking or elegant. Finished in gold plating for a touch of exquisiteness.
OF WARS & WITS & POWER 05 - *PRODUCERS ARE WELCOME* Driven by the recent crisis of certain countries who got very uptight over issues of being asked to disarm their missile test launched, their alarming action to remain hostile and persistent in their belief had stirred me to create this part of a furniture combination to depict their behavioral trait, a bookshelf with their golden army, strategically placed underneath, to uphold and to protect their ultimate plans,frozen in time for all to see.
WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND - The post series from the war bookshelves,this 1.7m tall floor standing lamp depicts the ironical struggle of uptight countries who regularly speaks of war on their mouth.Are they struggling amongst themselves or are they still actively erecting their territory flags,these power balancing soldiers in cool gray finished strive to recover that sense of patriotism which may have been washed away.Like an old faded photograph,these gray soldiers are frozen again for the feast of the eyes.
THE TUXEDO - The tuxedo,sets to be a statement making pulpit,an unconventional approached where it becomes original & bold.Preachers seen from a distance all dressed up in the foremost best with their black suits, has inspired the elements that are found on the pulpit itself. The folds carrying the grandeur which it should have, and the double sided fold made on the back which reveals the underneath tray that holds a glass of water appears like a cloth being lifted up to reveal a surprise element underneath.
ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE - Aladdin and his wonderful magical lamp with a powerful genie that dwells within. A magical story that was told to millions before. Ironically, it is not the powerful genie that will emerge from within this oil lamp but a handy lamp shade that gives warmth to the surrounding. Allow this contemporary design of the magical lamp thats sits on the top of a black slab with a desirable inscription to charm you over and over again..
THE MESSENGER - The Messenger is a handle that fuses both elements of the technological age & the need for adding a personal touch by hand written communication.Icons & text applied at the surface add humor to the handle,communicating the usage of this instrument.It will be a delight or a reminder to someone that receives hand written messages right before entering the room. With superb casting technology, it is sure to get that perfect slit in the brass handle for the grip of a fine piece of paper in between
FROM DOORS TO RICHES - Every door is an opportunity and the handle opens up the door. In this context, the handle is whimsically transformed into a train of golden coins finished in brass. The overlaying of the dollars and cents formed the shape of the handle. From rags to riches, the handle titled From Doors To Riches is a constant reminder to those that opportunities lie in every single door.Playfulness still lies within a harsh environment.
SUPERGUM - I have always been fascinated by the different types of welding between metal.The shape formed by the filler material are rather random.What if there is a chance to create an "artificial" beautiful weld?Then it will be perceived as a piece of art rather than an industrial work.This beautiful weld created joining the two pieces of brass rod then becomes a usable door handle,Supergum.The weld is designed of a refined shape and because of its artificiality, it becomes a point of interest.
THE BREIL TOWER - Poetic in design & an interpretation of Breil as the rising leader in timepieces,the structures that lie beneath the glass are arranged in a linear manner represented as skyscrapers along a street.Descending height of the bronze blocks unveil a tall and towering structure in a shimmering gold cladding overlooking the city.It stands tall & proud as the Breil tower.Positioned at the center top where the clock strikes 12,it is strategic & symbolic.Let us celebrate Breil as it rises above the rest.
STILL A CLOCK BY NIGHT 03 - By hosting light as an interesting creation, the attributes of light can be further exploited by having two fluorescent tubes acting as the short and long hands of a floor standing clock. Glare is prevented by housing it in a metal tubing. When night falls and the surrounding darkens, the light goes into action by hitting against the back wall, projecting a soft glow around the tubes, outlining the silhouettes of the hands. It functions as a table lamp for enhanced usability.
SOFT HANDS - The soft hands of the clock tells the time quietly,somehow going against the hustle & bustle of our fast moving environment.If we were to slow down our pace and notice the soft imprints on the surface, there could be more than rushing through time. Thermoformed PET with spray coating forms the short & long hands of the clock,resting on top of each other,creates a subtle time telling device. Now time looks printed!
PHANTOM IN THE LAMP 02 - It is a lamp that exudes the attributes and beauty of a functional screen. Imagine these screens in a large spaces of a grandeur restaurant, all lined up, ready to provide a habitat of a personal space. The fluid movement of the screen, sometimes perceived like that of a mysterious phantom, gives it a touch of living beauty that dwells within. The minimal textured finishing of gold plating also gives a dreamy blurry reflection.It is a chain of objects that formed a beautiful space.
TALL CHICK - *PRODUCERS ARE WELCOME* A floor lamp full of chicks standing tall. The whimsical production of a chick that is exaggerated in its height, made fun and easy for those who enjoy a sense of humor in a rather mundane four walls of a room. When a row of chicks are gathered together, they can exuberate a mighty army of chicks that is bound to fight the battle of a dull environment.
HOVER - Lamp with soft glowing hue of light, to project a floating like effect when seen from a distance, reminiscence of an U.F.O
STARS TELL TIME 03 - The shimmering LED light and its gradual fading brings the night sky with a time telling ability to the convenience within the four walls of your bedroom. The finesse expression of technology and playfulness.
UFO - Unidentified Fragrant Object!
OO - OO, a ring designed for the symbolism of a diamond as the most important subject clad in this carbon fiber frame is an idea from an industrial designer's belief towards presenting the diamond as the center of attention and an important subject when the ring is worn on the finger.
CACTUS - Air humidifier - an object to increase humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire home. Cacti are distinctive and unusual plants, which are adapted to extremely arid and hot environments, showing a wide range of anatomical and physiological features which conserve water. "Form follows function" has taken over the shape of this object which ironically also ejects moisture into the environment.
SPIRITED - contrasting!
CRANE - Again many have tried designing faceted furniture, perhaps to meet the uprising trend or the test of one's skills in designing one. I tried mine by making it into a facet of an environment by allowing it to sit right into a corner of a wall, make possible by its 90 degree structure.
FELL - its a LOG bench! Just without the greenery around it.
PLANT A DIAMOND - When we were once young, we were told that we need to feed that piggy bank with loads of money so that we could buy our dream bike. Therefore, ‘Plant a diamond’ has been conceptualized. A childhood tale on saving has been brought into an interactive visual objective to reminiscence the concept about saving up and accumulating the money to purchase something with a desirable factor. The object is a light box which is built on a concept to encourage saving in a very experiential way.
THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT - Lifestyle Product - Floor Lamp
BEAUTIFUL LIFE - Pls refer to above.
KAMIKAZE - When objects are going buttonless, let's consider preserving some of these traits of a good tactile communication device.
UBO - Light at your fingertip. The turning of the scroll wheel generates intensity of light. Once the wheel stops, the light fades off gradually.
ICON - "An icon of the past, encapsulated for all to see." - Many Designers in the past & present have done well in designing beautiful chandeliers because of the uprising trend & the need to express their thoughts on it . Will they do just the same in the future? I tried to define one by preserving them within a frame, in its natural self, lighting up the 4 corners for all to see again. It will still be in its usefulness as a functional lightbox.
MORE THAN A SCREEN - Now OLED screens have become more powerful allowing multiple images to be reflected on its thin surface. Gadgets such as the I-PHONE is an exp, a black screen which can exercise various possibilities. Imagine this one piece of OLED, hung above your bed, displaying first hand information to you when you are awake? It is more than a screen, it is a channel to enhance your lifestyle.
RUBBER SCAPE - The exercising of thoughts to conjure an idea of introducing nature and furniture to coexist in a common environment. The structure of a scape is formed where the end transition gradually evolved into a flat lying surface which serves as a table. The overall construction would be flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) which is soft as it encourages human interaction such as lying on it.
ARMOR - A rugged PDA.
TREES ARE FOREST - A key/note holder. A place where you hang your keys is the place where you find fresh notes. The trees take care of your keys till the morning and the bloom of fresh notes put a smile on your face.
HIS TRUE COLOURS - The different behavioral traits existing in a man has been interpreted into the hands of a clock. When viewed in a certain perspective, the hands seems to be unclear, blending into the platform due to its similarities in material finishing. While certain perspectives allow the hands to be read more clearly due to the back coloured hands which is reflected onto the platform. His true colours will only be read clearly when the right perspectives are caught.
Dennis Han
Highly Passionate Industrial Designer/ Creative Problem Solver Singapore, Singapore