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2ct - 2ct is a one plane table wich optimizes our place to eat.

In it’s slot we can save cooking utenils, place mats, plates and napkins.

Like this we can save space and facilitate to reach the things we need.
Maz - MAZ is an ecological flowerpot holder made with polipropilene mousse and bamboo pots.

Can decorate or separate spaces and is balanced with it’s own weight.

It’s pots are removable for an easier way to clean and to facilitate it’s manipulation.
Dg-Qb - Dg-Qb is a digital magnetized clock.

It’s magnets take atraction of the other cube wich gives stability and easy to modulate.

This device can have diferent positions, and can be placed in the wall or a base. (desk,etc.)
OHHA - Feminine electric razor.

A nature conception of a leaf.
qy - One line curve chair.

Made with malleable recycled plastic.
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COONEY - Speaker. cutted cone gives continuity of it's extraction.
Engine - Engine casing & automatic lubricant system innovation.
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Industrial Design
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Daniel Ojeda
Industrial designer & Architectural-industrial 3D modeler Guadalajara, Mexico