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VOCE - Personal Communication Tool - Senior thesis project:
Created a handheld communication device that would assist an individual to communicate with the world. Also focused on the social issues related with disablities and young people's acceptance of differences. The appearance of this design would also try to break down any barriors created by awkward devices that are currently on the market. Goal being to work towards the integration of all young people including special needs young people.
10'x 20' Exhibit Design - Worked from initial sketches, to CAD drawings (shown in wire frame) to solve spatial and graphic issues for a wine company. Through communication with the client and finding out what their needs were, arrived at this design.
Steet in Italy - 30x40 oil painting
10x20 Inline Exhibit - Designed structure and graphics.
Created rendering in Viz 4.
NW Photos - I enjoy talking lots of pictures!
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