Pigeon GoMini Electric Breast Pump | 2018

With its soft language of form, pleasant feel and clever functionality, the Pigeon GoMini breast pump makes pumping breast milk as pleasant as possible.

The electric GoMini breast milk pump has a small and light motor pump unit for lady to hold in one hand, making it compact is priority for ease of use.

As a portable breast pump, the GoMini is easy to store and light to carry around thanks to the handy lanyard loop feature. With its slender form and soft contours, it rests pleasantly in the hand. Ergonomic buttons facilitate simple and intuitive operation with one hand.

The tactile button and LED indicator are inspired by the milk's tear drop shape, making it an unique design identity for GoMini.

The pump prevents a backflow of milk, and the positioning of the tube holder eases handling when in operation. The user can choose between single or double pump mode as well as five levels of preferred pumping power.

Danny Chu Wen...
Freelance Industrial Designer Singapore, Singapore