One of my early branding techniques was stickers because everyone loves stickers. I gave stuck these on everything and gave out a whole bunch.
Prototype 1 (floral) and prototype 2 (tarp)
The first set of hats I made Ten tarp hats with red accents This helped me solidify my skills and learn the benefits of producing assembly line style
Five Pre-America print hats
Tri-pocket crew neck with matching five-panel hat.
The first batch of tri-pocket crewnecks which were made to order
White sunset tee The first shirt I printed off my own design rather than my partners
All of our shirts are branded on the hem or sleeve with a double sided woven tag On one side is a silhouette of Cape Cod, where the brand began, while the other side is a silhouette of Philadelphia (shown), where I live now. The side out reflects where the item was made.
New shape shorter brim than previous style

LMNO is a clothing brand I developed with a friend. The goal was to create a brand around doing rather than just talking about doing.
This is an ever evolving project that I drift in and out of. All of the work here is my own, to see some of the things Tyler Bridges worked on for this project you can visit our Facebook page below.

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Danny Meservey
Industrial Design Student Philadelphia, PA