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This is my submission to a competition to design movable seating for a park in Manhattan. In the beginning of this project I went to parks to observed and ask people what do you like to do in a grassy area. People responded with a multitude of things such as they like to sit in the grass, lay in the grass, get some sun, sunbath, picnic, eat, meet with friends, read, relax and nap. After listening to and seeing people do this I kept studying them. Everyone pretty much agreed they loved to sit and lay in the grass but many people would bring a blanket or towel to sit on or lay on. This was because the grass made some people itch, the ground was cold or hard, others were wearing nice cloths and did not want to get them dirty. I also looked at the current seating in the battery park and saw all of the benches, tables and chairs. What I felt the park was lacking was a lounge. I felt as a designer I had an opportunity to enhance what people already like to do in a grassy area.