Ring, scale model of salmonella bacteria being consumed by a Leukocyte, magnified 4000x. Printed in Durus White and Sterling silver. Part of a series on visualizing the "unseeable".
Ring Render
Ring, artistic take on a centipede, meant to be worn on the pinky and lay across the hand almost like a pet of sorts. Printed in steel and the gold plated.
Centipede Ring render
Cheetah Bangle, printed in Zcorp Gypsum, this was the first project where I started experimenting with editing in T-splines for Rhino 5.
Cheetah Bangle render
Bangle, meant to illustrate the life cycle of sundews and insects. 3D printed in Nylon and modified with bronze shavings and epoxy with metal flakes.
Wearable 3D prints

Selection of wearable 3D prints and renders.

Dan Sipzner
CAD Designer at the Tyler School of Art Philadelphia, PA