El kettle - Feature 1
"EL" Kettle has two flat sides, one for boiling water on the stove, the other for tilting on a stand or table edge to easily pour water. When ¡°EL¡± Kettle is tilted forward, the inner lid will shut the kettle automatically. The inner lid is opened by pressing the button on the handle. So pouring water becomes as easy as pressing a button.

The L-shaped facets direct the user how to use the kettle to pour water. The vertical flat side suggests that the user lie it down.

Feature 2

Along the edge of the kettle there is an L-shaped color-changing strip ¡°EL¡± Kettle has both a whistle to audibly notify the user that water is boiling, and also incorporates an L-shaped temperature-sensitive color-changing strip, which changes from white to red to indicate water temperature. So it can visually notify the user of the temperature of the water inside. This is a unique benefit for the hearing impaired. Even for color-blind individuals, the light-to-dark change in the strip is visible.

The color-changing strip uses existing ceramic glaze technology. The theory of this technology is that when the glaze is heated to a specified temperature, it becomes transparent. A red line is painted underneath the glaze treatment. When the water temperature rises, the red line appears gradually.

This is a project of Universal Design. It was selected to participate the 2003 IHA Houseware Student Design Competition by Design and Industry department of San Francisco state University. And El Kettle just won an Honorable Mention from International Housewares Association fro the IHA Houseware Student Design Competition.
Spring Ski Goggle - Goggle Specifications

Lenses: Base 9 Nike Max Lenses for optical clarity in high-glare conditions

Frame: Double layer dual density construction comfortably conforms to your face. Soft polyurethane inner and stiffer outer layer helps the Algid goggle seal against a wide range of face shapes.

Low Profile Design: Low profile allows outstanding peripheral vision.

Venting: Generous venting area keeps the lenses fog-free when you¡¯re working hard.

Foam/Mesh laminate: much more durable than un-reinforced foam, while maintaining excellent breathability.

*** This is a team project sponsored by Nike Vision
Magnetism Eyewear - Design Concept
The project propose is to minimize the volume of glasses and find a new way for the sporter to carry them when they are not being worn. The inspiration of ¡°Magnetism¡± glasses comes from the magnet on the refrigerator. Just like the magnet on the refrigerator, the ¡°Magnetism¡± can be attached with the user firmly, and become a vogue focus as well.
Magnet strip is set inside all around the frame and iron strips are set in two arms, so even though the frame and temples are separated, they can come together closely and tightly and become extremely thin. According to the situation, the dress and their personalities, the user can choose different way to carry them conveniently. When the glasses are in use, the set up method is simple and the firmness is dependable.

*** This work was awarded the Silver Prize of OPUS international eyewear design competition 2003
Cube Kettle - This is a prophase design for the EL kettle.