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Promotional ad - This magazine ad was designed for a freelance client. They were looking for a fresh new way of advertising their company. I decided on using imagery with minimal text. I created a fairly simple layout with some additional graphics and color variations, giving just enough information about the company without being too overbearing.
Catalog Cover - I created this Advent catalog cover design for Advent, a brand of SPI Lighting. Green is the signature color of the brand so I wanted to make that stand out. I then created playful boxes, some just white outlines, and placed the product photography in the others. It's a clean design, giving a professional but somewhat easy-going look to the brand.
"Not Alcohol" campaign poster - This is a high school poster I designed to help promote better times without alcohol. This was displayed throughout the school for the students.
Web ad - An interactive web ad to promote Ashley Furniture. People can click on it and it will take them to the Ashley website. I used eye-popping colors and a unique design to try to entice people.
Magazine ad - This ad was published in LD&A magazine to promote the STILE brand for SPI Lighting. I used some photography that I took on location of some of our fixtures. Adding minimal text and placing the images and larger fixture in a simple layout keeps the ad looking clean. This magazine ad was given the LD&A award in 2011.
Summer Direct Mailer - This marketing/promotional piece was used as a mailer and store handout for Ashley Furniture. They were having a three day sale and wanted to have something fun to hand out to the customers. I used bright colors and a simple layout that was attractive and easy to read. The store had a record amount of people show up in those three days.
Promotional ad - This ad is a promotional piece for the new STILE website for SPI Lighting. A clean design with attractive colors, minimal text and an interesting layout. I also thought it would add a little interest by using an illustration of a fixture.
Vegas calendar - I created this 16 month desk calendar for Ashley Furniture. This was used as a promotional and marketing piece for the furniture conference/show in Vegas. This was shipped to all the Ashley Furniture HomeStores.
Invitation - I created this Ashley HomeStore sale invitation to be used as a promotional flyer. To create an attractive contrast I changed the color images of the furniture room groups to b&w and placed brighter colored images (pillow accents) around/on top to make it pop. I wanted to keep the invite clean and easy to read so potential buyers might be more inclined to visit the Ashley store. After the sale I talked with the head of advertising - they had a great turn-out.
Postcard - This is a promotional postcard for a new east coast company - ERPD (Ever Ready Personal Data). The owner wanted a lighthouse somewhere on the piece. I created the lighthouse you see here and decided it would be interesting to use the illustrations on the postcard. I used a down-to-earth color scheme as well.
Image ad - This is a newspaper ad for a promotion for Ashley Furniture. A clean layout accented by few design elements helps to accentuate the new furniture.
Yoga Flyer - This is a flyer for Old Town Yoga in Fort Collins, CO. A light, open and flowing layout created with calm colors and simple yet powerful photography.
Graphic Design
Darcy Lang
Graphic Designer/Photographer Fort Collins, CO