Spooning Cups - Slip cast cups that sit on a sloped shelf and maintain a level rim. Cup form allows each individual cup to 'spoon' the next cup. Glaed and Unglazed.
Spooning Cup (detail)
Spooning Cup (detail)
Spooning Cups (with soldier pattern) - Spooning Cups with toy soldier pattern on rim.
Soft Cups - Slip cast and altered ceramic. Glazed and unglazed (also including unfired elements)
Soft Cups- detail - Detail of Soft Cups
Squishy Cups - Slip cast and altered cermic cups. White stonewear glazing.
Suction cup - Cups stick to a shiny surface and has neat finger dimples to grip and pull cup from table.
Cup and Saucer - A cup with round base that can only sit onto its saucer. Saucer has dimples to hold snack and second cup if necessary and also dimples on top and underneath to grip the saucer ergonomically like a painter's pallet.
Cups and Saucer - Detail of position of 2 cups.
'Carton and Spoon'
A 'found' ceramic mug with a molten toy soldier handle.
Detail of Toy Soldier handle
Darragh Casey
London, United Kingdom