Magic Johnson Enterprises - Legacy logo for Magic Johnson to represent his company and charitable foundation
Captain McFinn - Logo for a very popular children's story about Captain McFinn and his friends and their quest to do good and protect the environment
Bazooka Bubble Gum - A redesign of the Bazooka Bubble Gum logo for the Topps Company
CHICAGO the Musical - Logo for the 10th Anniversary of Chicago the Musical on Broadway!
New York Energy Conservation Group - Logo for the New York Energy Conservation Group, an organization committed to helping companies go green with the energy they use!
SOCCER.ORG Logo - The new logo for SOCCER.ORG, an organization develop to unite kids all over the world who participate in the American Youth Soccer Organization.
John Patrick - Life By Design - Logo design for John Patrick, a professional stylist and space organizer
Sending Our Love to Haiti - Logo design for SENDING OUR LOVE TO HAITI, an annual benefit concert to raise funds for the citizens of Haiti after suffering from the devastating earthquake in 2009.
Chris Ryan Productions and Promotions - Logo design for Chris Ryan, one of New York City's leading gay party promoters!
Honestly Delicious - This is a logo I illustrated and designed for my friend who owns a very successful corporate catering business.
Haze Beauty Products - Logo for Haze Beauty Products, a line created by celebrity makeup and hair stylist, Jason Hayes.
Butterfly Coaching - Logo design for Butterfly Coaching, heading by certified life coach and social worker, Tina Puccio.
Juice Records - Logo design for Juice Records, the premiere LGBQT record label.
CPNY the Musical - Logo design for CPNY the Musical with music and lyrics by Steven Skeels and Jerad Bortz.
Lydia Melamedas - Logo design for Lydia Melamedas, five-star restaurant consultant and general manager.
Stikki Touring - Logo design for Victoria Zanghi, band touring merchandise manager.
Darren Melchiorre
Print, Branding and Music Graphic Designer Brooklyn, NY