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Canton Bulldogs
Active 1904 to 1926
Dayton Triangles
Active 1920 to 1929
Frankford Yellow Jackets
NFL Member 1924 to 1931
Providence Steam Roller
Active 1925 to 1933
Rock Island Independents
Active 1920 to 1925
Oorang Indians
Active 1922 to 1923
Duluth Eskimos
Active 1923 to 1927
Pottsville Maroons
Active 1925 to 1929
New York Bulldogs
Active 1950 to 1951
Brooklyn Tigers
Year active 1944
New York Yanks
Brooklyn Dodgers
Active 1930 to 1943
Boston Yanks
Active 1944 to 1948
Revised Defunt NFL teams

I wanted to redo some of the very old time NFL franchises that didn't make it to the modern day. Some of these teams had success back in the day but weren't able to continue. A what could have been the face of the NFL.

I started by making a template out of a publicity photo of Doug Martin, a Tampa Bay running back.

John Benson
screen printing & more Carthage, MO