Easton 'Stealth' Batters Helmet, Artisent Inc. - Easton's first batting helmet for the baseball and softball market. I developed the initial concept in collaboration with Scott Doiron and David Rogers. I was then responsible for the design development and Alias modeling of the shell.

As a technical note, baseball helmets are often custom painted and clear coated. As a result the Alias surfaces are Degree 5 with full curvature continuity. The project engineer, Peter Stokes, used the Alias surfaces directly for production tooling.

Easton 'Stealth' Batters Helmet, Artisent Inc. - Note how the lines for the vents play off of each other. This is even more apparent when the product is viewed in 3D.

Easton 'Stealth' Batters Helmet, Artisent Inc. - Again, note how the lines for the vents play off of each other.

I created these renderings while participating in the beta testing for AliasStudio 2008. The new rendering engine performed beautifully; these renderings are not touched up in Photoshop.
Brine 'Vantage' Lacrosse Goggle, Artisent Inc. - Protective eyewear for the women’s lacrosse market. The initial concept sketches were done by David Rogers. I was in charge of design development, form language and the final CAD geometry. After establishing key lines of sight and minimum bar separation; I set out to design a goggle that captured the themes of a competitive, angry, female lacrosse player. The success of the design can be seen in the picture on the left.
HIT Hockey Helmet, Artisent Inc. - A new hockey helmet designed for Hefter Impact Technologies. I was tasked with building the Alias model for this helmet and contributed heavily to the design development. The design was ultimately sold to Reebok/CCM. With minor modifications, this helmet is sold as the CCM ‘Vector’ hockey helmet.

The image is an Alias rendering that I did with Scott Doiron for one of HIT's trade show booths.

Brine 'Triad' Lacrosse Helmet - Industrial Design and CAD modeling by Duco Noordzi and David Rogers. Alias rendering by Darwin Keith-Lucas. This rendering was used as a catalog image and appeared on the product packaging.
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