US Army 'Future Force Warrior' Artisent Inc. - One of my first projects at Artisent was to design and build face protection as part of the 'Scorpion' conceptual equipment ensemble for the US Army's Natick Soldier Center. The project had to meet ergonomic considerations, not only for fit but also firing a rifle. It also had to look good for the marketing department. This mandible was well received and led to later work on the Future Force Warrior project.
US Army 'Future Force Warrior' Artisent Inc. - After the Scorpion project I became involved with integrating body worn equipment for the Future Force Warrior program. While a bit different than traditional industrial design, the project had a heavy emphasis on ergonomics, function, appearance and user feedback. The above picture was taken at a user evaluation at Ft. Benning in 2006.

In 2004, the FFW equipment was featured in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2. It's not every day that your equipment ends up in a video game.
InHand Ruggedized PDA - After Future Force Warrior, I oversaw a small design team that developed a ruggedized PDA for infantry soldiers.

I used my experience designing power tools to establish the ergonomics and durability requirements. We then used the resulting geometry to develop the design using sketches and foam models before building final CAD. The PDA was successfully demonstrated in July 2007 at Ft. Dix and was widely accepted by the soldiers.

The project was completed on time and $5K under budget.
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