This display advertisement for the Trunk or Treat Car Show seem within the September 2016 issue of Region Rides; a northwest indiana custom automobile and motorcycle publication. Originally, this ad was a series of rotating themes related to the upcoming free event for the community of Portage. This was the kid friendly design.
This design for the Trunk or Treat display ad seen inside the September 2016 issue of Region Rides, was a variant. Targeted more towards an older crowd that would understand the reference to Stephen King's "Christine".
R/S&D Dealership Stationary Pack - This new batch of corporate materials was tailored to identify solely with the automotive industry clients that R/S&D Appraisal Service Company maintains contact with. Program: InDesign CS3
Support Ad - This was a smaller version of a previous advertisement set into a three column by seven and one half space intended to playfully promote the five local newspapers of 22nd Century Media. Inspired by the "Rosie the Riveter" campaign during World War 2, I wanted to proposition the reading audience to continue reading their local newspaper and show interest in the community in which they live.
Sweestest Day Ad - The concept of this advertisement was to encourage readers to contact the classified section in the newspaper to place a special announcement for a loved one on Sweetest Day. All copy was provided to me via classified section and the concept was left up to me. Since Sweetest Day & Valentines Day are marketed very similar, I wanted to capture something generally associated with both and easily identifiable. A box of chalky candy hearts seemed to do the trick.
Garage Sale Ad - This advertisement style was based off of the Good Neighbor index cards that you can pick-up at the bottom of the for sale boards in your local grocery store. The ad was intended to draw customers to promote their garage sales and for sale merchandise in the latter half of the summer '07.
Howard & The White Boys Bumper Sticker - While working at Signatrue Graphics I had the opportunity to create a few projects for Howard & The White Boys, a great blues band from the Chicagoland area. This bumper sticker is one of four conceptual stickers that would promote their current album at the time "Made In Chicago". A later version adapted simplistic elements from all four to achieve a final product.
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Dominic Avallon
Designer + Content Writer Highland, IN