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A design submission for 6Foot4Honda, a YouTube vlogger since 2013, who recently has expanded into providing full time social media content across various Youtube channels with a total subscriber following of 1.1 million. He also has audiences wthin Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Snapchat. Having publicly announced a desire for new ideas for shirt and other online store promotionals, I took it upon myself to create an idea closely related to his brand with the flexibility to apply onto multiple applications. I chose to highlight several primary aspects that relate to social media and his videos: clicking the like button, color schemes that occur within mr. & mrs. 6Foot's gear/motorcycles, and his own frequent declaration for "love & respect" at the end of his vlogs. Staying within the familiar style of the Facebook like button, I developed a solution that identifies well with his brand, while keeping a three color palette.
Dirty Little Customs, Inc. - The parameters for this project were basic. My creative imagination could wander freely as long as the design was grayscaled and a pin-up style model appeared in the composition. Veering away from the traditional pin-up style, I chose a more statuesque - retro inspired figurehead. Incorporating the coveted flames that seem to be attached to anything motorcycle related!
Page 21 Productions - Once I held a music journalism position with a local Indiana entertainment magazine. Nested on page twenty one, I talked smack about everything related to the music industry and voiced my own wisdom. "The Flip Side" maintained a small following. An homage to Stax/Volt Records, I also wanted to convey my alliance to rock music and background as a creative. Originally, articles were black body copy with magenta headlines.
Paw Pals - Humane Society Calumet Area - I wanted to give a different look to the usually stuffy visuals non profit organizations display and utilize an angle that derives from pop culture. I felt the similarities the American Red Cross shared with the Humane Society were too close to be ignored. With both organizations being well established and easily identifiable, it was a good realm to further explore. Using a monotone color palette would limit costs for printing and maintain a clean look.
Brite Consulting - Is a consulting firm that operates within the environmental, planning, and green building industry. Established by some old peers, I was brought in on a freelance basis to help build and evolve the "Brite" brand. * Color selection pending approval.
Humble Grounds Brand - The guidelines for this project was to design a brand identity for the Coalition Cafe, which is a cooperative of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. It is a non-profit organization that helps the chicago-area homeless to get back on their feet. The brand included three coffees and three coffee alternatives. I chose to create a brand that reflected a grassroots style, from the berlap coffee bag that collects the beans in the field to the coffee bag in the consumer's home.
NWI Patriots Identity Project - The 2nd Amendment Patriots is a new special organization developed by politician Mark Leyva to bring firearm enthusiasts together and express the importance of the second amendment to American civilians. After several conversations with Mr. Leyva, we agreed that it was important to develop a logo that would indentify the group to Indiana as a whole, despite intitial events being held in the northwest regions.
Rebate Card - This piece was designed for promotional use by T.K. Industries, a small suburban mailbox manufacturing company. This card was included inside purchased mailboxes for rebates on several provided services.
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