What initially began as a creative writing project to keep my brain's right hemisphere active, the curation of Rory Kemeys: The Chicago Brush Lion, has become a continuous social media experiment. Based within the city of Chicago's historical lore, the CBL chronicles a tale of a lesser know Art Institute Lion, living his undetermined life cycle across 123 years. Social commentary, sports interests, and libations are discussed.
This mock blog entry was from a pre-employment screening with Mediafly, a content solutions software company. I was asked to curate a blog post; take an existing article from one credible source (Forbes, CIO.com, Inc.com, Fast Company, TechCrunch, etc.), digest the key takeaways and give it my own voice. It was imperative to make it interesting, informational and allow for the reader to see some of the correlation between the chosen topic and what Mediafly offered without overtly selling. The goal of this exercise was to target one of seven buyer personas, as well as, create two social media tweets to support the blog. Once finished developing the copy, I laid out the body copy to resemble the company's Mfly Blog format.
Region Rides Magazine | September 2016 | Lafayette, Indiana Fall Fest and Car Show Article.
Region Rides Magazine | September 2016 | Mopar Enthusiasts Labor Day Picnic Article.
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