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Bluetooth USB Dongle - An OEM freestanding or wallmounted Bluetooth dongle.
The clients aim was development of a 'cell' LAN or PAN with bluetooth connectivity. This was to act as a prerequisite to 802.11 data stream networking products currently in developement.

Target market specific pdas - Independant projects. Simple photoshop elevational layouts used to represent concept refinement. (L) Metal(titan/alu/mag.)PDA aimed at the female mkt segment. (R) Robust, large screen format mobile communications pda. Colour & monochrome versions.
ABS/PC standard 1U telco bezel - Preliminary photoshop concept elevational views for a 1U security bezel to be the user end for a telco rack. Typically this type of 'product' is ME/EE driven especially in the areas of thermo and shock & vibe. Simple security clips ensure the bezel aligns correctly with existing lightpipe and control surfaces. A slight shift from the usual matt surface texture to a high-gloss finish gives the bezel a quality feel.
Various product details - Images & renderings of products currently due for mkt release. The 4wk TTM business model we employ means rare opportunities to photo/examine first-off product examples. Hence the reliance on rendering....
20" LCD Monitor - Concept sketchwork & initial ProE surface model rendering for a high-end desktop monitor. The skins are designed around unit options which include in-built TV tuner, HiFi sound, VESA complience, and an aesthetic easily translated into the 30" & 42" models.
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