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Indiana Jones 4 - http://maxedout.yahoo.com/
(a quick search should provide game codes needed to play the games. )

Indiana Jones 4 Promotional micro site for Yahoo and Kraft . I was responsible for Creative direction of the storyline, visual design, cut scenes, and flash games. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ogilvy and Lucas which was a blast! The timeline was compressed and the scope was increased, which was exciting also! ;)

NBC/ Coke Olympics desktop app - This interactive flash app was created to push live olympic information (results, news, media) to users. It was cobranded NBC and Coke. This image represents both the freefloating and docked states of the app.
Direct TV desktop application - this project was an interactive demo created for direct tv showing how a user may interact with the application to schedule and watch their favorite shows on the computer.
Interface - Conceptual interface for a Flash based application. This was a rapid execution of style and concept.
Citect Microsite - this microsite was an invitation to select employees as a retreat. It showcased the activities and schedules of the trip.
Hoschton Sawyer Website
TheaterTek UI concept - working with TheaterTek, a leader in the home theater software arena, this prelimenary design was created to show "look and feel" of a 10' on screen UI. The final interface, intro animation, and sound design can be seen in the actual product. www.theatertek.com
Cover Atlanta desktop app. - Cover, a trend/ lifestyle magazine recently made offerings to the city of atlanta for city wide free wifi in conjunction with thier desktop app wich pushes content based on user preferences. I worked with them to develop the company brand, interactive demos, presentations, and the desktop application.
Floordeals website
22nd Century website
Def Jam website - original design for def jam redesign. Project terminated due to internal issues with the client.
the NAV - High concept, free floating flash navigation module. This image represents a navigation menu available to stock market traders using Tradeware's proprietary 10 screen market system. The shape and style of this app (along with macro functionality) allows the user to interact very quickly while in the midst of massive data tracking and processing.
Turner ITV Menu
Seasports website
Desktop Audio App
Tri3 racing website - simple brochure site design for tri3 racing.
American Cancer Society Flash mailer - Interactive flash card sent to donators and sponsors. Once clicked, a simple slide show synched to music and text began.
Wincapitol website - Brochure site build upon a CMS for the client to update.
Carlouel Yacht Club website - Carlouel and It's members needed a secure website and collaboration portal. The site was built on a CMS supporting various administrators and contributers. Other features include reservation system, user driven media galleries, feedback and polling. area.
Auto Trader Best Practices
U.S. ARMY OTE Online AdKit - https://crc.army.mil/oteadkit/

Coinciding with the release of the Own the Edge Brand Awareness Campaign for the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center (CRC), We designed and developed a Web site and online Ad Kit intended to be a “one stop shop” for all OTE brand materials. Comprised of all media assets under the OTE brand campaign, it includes ads, logos, web teasers, videos and more. This site allows individuals access to gather and disseminate materials quickly and easily.
U.S. ARMY Own the Edge Logo
Interactive Design
Dave Allbritton
Award-winning design + direction Atlanta, GA