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Coke K.O. DVD Style Board - Style board from Coke K.O. International DVD animation.
Agilis Trading Group Spot
That's So Raven Style Board - title design style board for summer special .
The Film Zone
Coke K.O. DVD title - Style board from Coke KO international DVD animation.
Coke Interactive Vending Machine Animation - screen grab from "You Win" animation. To be used with interactive coke vending machines. Random winners would be notified via flat pannel on machine. Prizes included downloadable music (ipod connect), tickets, and products. This is one of several animations produced.
CSI Title Style Boards (3) - One of several title designs presented for CSI (crime scene invesigator) show.
Cover ATVB Animation - Screen grab from Cover animation utilizing photo sequences. Full animation will be available on request or from my site.
Agilis Trading Group Spot - screen grab from Agilis promotional animation.
v.2 CSI Title Style Boards (3)
Agilis Trading Group Animation Spot
Coke Interactive Vending Machine Animation
Motion Graphics
Dave Allbritton
Award-winning design + direction Atlanta, GA