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IDEA Truck concept vehicle, IDSA Silver award in Transportation

As part of an Advanced Vehicle project, Navistar contracted Lotus Cars for their expertise in composite materials to help us develop an advanced cab that was strong, light-weight, and inexpensive to manufacture. That project got me to the first of several Super-Car Manufactures I would eventually visit during my career, but, more importantly, turned in to the award winning IDEA truck you see here. Once the cab was developed, Executive Leadership determined that a proper "Show Truck" should be completed. I was the principle designer on the project responsible for the cab design, the hood/front-end, and the cockpit. Another designer did the roof fairing and cab extenders and another took care of interior soft trim and seats. In 1990 we completed the (running) vehicle and submitted it to IDSA for inclusion in the annual IDEA awards. We were awarded the Silver medal in the Transportation category; one of the first truck products recognized for design and innovation excellence.

David Allendorph
Founder, JumpStart Creative Services, LLC West Lafayette, IN