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Monaco and Holiday Rambler Brand DNA Development

After Navistar acquired Monaco, a struggling RV company based in Oregon, the Navistar Marketing team asked that the ID team develop a strong visual DNA for the exterior of the vehicles as we had done over the years for International Trucks. Since the in-house team was being fully utilized doing other truck projects, we consulted with ASC in Detroit who had been a long standing partner to create RV concepts that captured and created an image appropriate for a class-leading group of Coaches. In addition, we were to incorporate Navistar standards of quality and performance unmatched by the other competitors in the RV industry. The results were immediate. Upon launching the new Monaco Vesta and Holiday Rambler Trip models, the competition began copying our look and we began seeing Monaco and HR design features popping up in the most unlikely places. The competitors didn't realize they were doing themselves a dis-service by knocking off our Brand; you just don't do that. But copy they did.

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David Allendorph
Founder, JumpStart Creative Services, LLC West Lafayette, IN