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Navistar World-Center Industrial Design Facility

As the Director, Design and Innovation at Navistar, it was my job to design, coordinate and facili-tize the new $3.5m design center at Navistar's new corporate headquarters in Lisle, IL. I worked with the Architects, program manager, and construction team to create a new, state-of-the-art design facility which is world-class relative to competitive manufacturers of heavy and medium-duty trucks, busses, and Recreational Vehicles. New automated and computer-based technologies not used in the industry were introduced. Images show: The “PowerWall”: a 47’ X 15’ rear-projection screen with Sony 4k projectors where full-size vehicles could be displayed in digital space prior to design release. The clay shop where 2 modeling plates and high-speed mills would use the data from the PowerWall to create scale and full size mock-ups. The indoor display area where mock-ups and production vehicles could be displayed and evaluated. Remaining images color and trim development lab, studio & courtyard.

David Allendorph
Founder, JumpStart Creative Services, LLC West Lafayette, IN