LIVING STREETS_design toward streets as places

Feeling safe when we and our children make use of the road is a basic need. But often this need of security induces attitudes of closure that effectively reduce the quality of urban life.
A number of studies paradoxically affirms that the presence of pedestrians on streets causes drivers to travel more slowly. More people on the streets leads to improved safety.
But in the course of time, traffic has obtained a predominant influence on the use of streets. People, as users of public space, have been reduced to a small part of the system. With design we can shift the lay-out of the urban roads to a predominant walking use.
By intervening with design in the domain of infrastructures, and people’s behaviour, this project addresses the integration of traffic with other forms of human activity.
Design thinking as a creative process can bring new approaches to the use of public space and open new paths for urban design.

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Freelance, Full-time
David Andreas Artuffo
Designer Torino, Italy