HDP4 - HDP 4 is a D-Class four-channel amplifier, perfect to satisfy any need. It has been thought to offer the user the maximum possible flexibility, both thanks to Speaker In and RCA inputs and to the controls, with a status monitor communicating to the user through a LEDs system. HDP 4 is the perfect choice for those who look for performance and non-bulky sizes. The double-extrusion heat sink and the Hertz logo, which is back lit and can be rotated, allow especially sophisticated installations.
HDP5 - HDP 5 is a D-Class five-channel amplifier suitable for complex installations, able to offer up to 950W total. 3D visualization by Raul Frollà
HDP1 mono - HDP 1 is a mono D-Class amplifier providing very high power and efficiency, being able to astonish for the excellent musicality. HDP 1 is ideal to drive subwoofers and can work on 2 Ohm and 4 Ohm loads, providing 600W and 1000W power. 3D visualization by Raul Frollà
2011_HERTZ - HDP compact amplifier serie
Davide Anzalone
Owner at Davide Anzalone Industrial Design Milan, Italy