Re Cinto sofa

Re Cinto is an idea for a sofa with a casual spirit. The structure consists of an outer container made of lacquered plywood boards and a central seat which stand in the middle like an "island". In this way a gap between the seat and the container is created. In the empty space on the side and the back cushions are placed vertically forming the armrests and backrests, in the space under the seat you can put small objects that you use in your moments of relax. The conformation of the sofa favors a playful and unconventional use, being able to choose different colors for the cushions and place them as you like. The shape of the sofa and its cushions recalls the image of a fence, a soft enclosure where you can relax having everything at your fingertips.

Davide Anzalone
Owner at Davide Anzalone Industrial Design Milan, Italy