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"Base Reality"
"Object Work"
"Guns & Phones"
"Blue on Blue"
"Who What Where"
"Rack Focus"
"Peas in a Pod"
"Status Coach"
"Cocktail Party"
"Swinging Door"
"Dueling Initiations"
"Game Forest"
"Tag Out"
"Split Screen"
"Scene Painting"
"Give and Take"
"Singing Cat"
"Crazy Town"
"Performance of the Word"
"Camera Moves On Stage"
"Premise Prospector"
"Group Mind"
"Top of Intelligence"
"Coffee Status"
Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual

Illustrations for the official UCB guide to improv comedy.
Written by Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh.
Available through the UCB online store.

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David Kantrowitz
Cartoonist / Illustrator / Animator Los Angeles, CA