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Clean Water Poster - Cause poster for clean water
Senior Design - Theoretically art is any form of captured intent that resonates something within. Practically speaking, this includes any and everything. In this case, I wanted to simply visually broadcast the significance of my senior year. The end of an era so to speak.

This is my freedom.
Retail Branding - This was a project that involved the idea of creatively marketing some sort of product or retailer. In this case, I chose a very hipster denim store that focuses it's attention on the handmade, Imogene + Willie.

As a result, I created 3 posters (count 'em 1, 2, 3...) to deliver dynamic and creative messaging through eye catching and poster-like graphics. The 3 messages refer to their product, their hosted events, and their culinary partners in crime.

The rest is history.
Magazine Layout - What a interesting and wonderfully under-appreciated word - Valiant. The prompt called for a number of magazine pages to illustrate and layout a story in an interesting format.

Due to the number of cool points the word, Valiant, carries, I chose to encompass the story within the word. I later translated the letters into this poster-like format, but originally, the letters were spread across several pages so that the story could be read from page to page.

What a cool word.

The nature of college and art classes is as such - think of some interesting and creative concepts and use them as prompts as project prompts. This is my ode to the past.

I simply want to display the freedom that comes from a lack of a "client" and to remind myself of how much I enjoyed that concept.

David Lu
UX Designer at Comcast Interactive Media Philadelphia, PA