COUACH Yachts - In 2001, I had an interview to apply for a position of designer at COUACH yachts. I did those roughs to increase my chances to join them. At the same moment I accepted the offer from Ripcurl.
PEUGEOT Urban bike - I went to Peugeot Cycleurope for an internship in 1996 together with Stephane FRANT, student designer like me. We created this urban bike, inspired by the movement.
LAMP made in 1995- An abandoned factory is an amazing place full of secrets. In this place of silence, we let our mind to imagine a noisy crowded place and the broken machines start again. This lamp is made of old machines pieces and gives the spirit of this incredible place. The steering wheel gives the light flow and the emergency switch starts or stops it. The light, which goes through a holed rusty metal plate draws strange spooky shapes on the walls and on the ceiling.
QUIKSILVER eyewear - In 2006, I had an interview at Quiksilver Europe for a position of head designer eyewear & watches. I did these sketches to increase my chances.
RANGE ROVER - In 2003, I did this rough for a friend of mine who has a Range Rover. This is made with markers.
TRIUMPH - In 2002, I did this rough for my dad's birthday as he has a Triumph TR3A. This is made of markers and pastels.
CAFE TRUCK - In 2003, I did this rough for a business man who started ALTO CAFE. This rough was used for the business plan.
Surf School logo 2008
3D Pumpkins realized with Rhinoceros in 2013.
3D shoe soles realized with Rhinoceros in 2013.
3D bottles realized with Rhinoceros in 2013.

A few samples of different works through my career.

Freelance, Full-time
Product designer Bordeaux, France