Design for a new kind of children's stroller that uses a hard shell rather than a soft material. Concentric forms fold into one another to allow the stroller to re-configure. It can go from having a flat,rear-facing orientation for newborns to a tilted, forward facing orientation for toddlers.
The basic shell consists of two molded halves that "roll" into a larger shell. This is, in turn, connected to a traditional metal frame. All parts rotate around the same axis.
The inner shell would be infinitely adjustable to provide just the right amount of shade or sun.
A removable insert allows the stroller to go from infant to toddler modes. The infant insert would be a flat, padded bed. The toddler insert is a seat with safety belts.
To collapse the stroller, roll the inner shell into the outer shell, then fold the metal frame around the same axis. Finally, the handles retract into the metal frame.
Color variation.
The stroller could have custom graphics applied to the outer shell.

Stroller concept

David Rollins
Designer Nags Head, NC