Afghanistan Resources Infographic - An exciting project for Popular Science Magazine about resources in Afghanistan. Made with the usual suspects, Illustrator & Photoshop, along with Sketchup for 3D models and SU Podium for rendering.
Automated Audi - Part of a larger project for Popular Science's May 2010 issue.
The car was lifted off a photo and colored to fit the style of the illustration. The background was created in SketchUp by taking the mountain shape from the other part of the project and transforming it to a flatter shape. I used a rough model of the Audi for shadow reference.
The icons & text were drawn in Illustrator, and transformed using an envelope mesh to match the perspective as if they really sat in the air above the car.
Pikes Peak Course - Part of a larger project for Popular Science Magazine's May 2010 issue on car automation. Audi's automated car is going to ride the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, illustrated on the above map.

The terrain data came from a few different sources; primarily the NGDC and Google Earth. The raw mountain shape was then stylized into square and triangular parts in SketchUp and rendered using V-Ray.
Radiation Infographic - A wonderful project from Popular Science Magazine about the radiation emitted by cellphones and regular, household appliances. The data came in the form of a few scientific journals on electromagnetic radiation and frequency charts.

The data was in PDF & Excel files. The appliances were modeled in SketchUp and rendered using SU Podium. Output images were stylized in Photoshop, and all the elements eventually put together in Illustrator.
Ikea Map
FNI Diagram
OPT Diagram
ICE Network Diagram
Key West Wedding Activity Map
Database Relocation Diagram
Hierarchy Chart
Davvi Chrzastek
Ilustrator West New York, NJ