Animated display ad for chili cook-off.
Animated display ad for chili cook-off.
Display ad for workshop.
Display ad for workshop.
Display ad for workshop.
Display ad for workshop.
Print ad introducing the organization.
Flyer for Mental Health Day.
Ads and Flyer for Mental-Health Nonprofit

I designed animated and static display ads, a print ad, and flyer for the Association for Mental Health and Wellness (MHAW).

The animated display ads publicized a fundraiser that supported people with mental-health challenges. I used animation to impart a sense of fun and chose colors that suggested both autumn and chili.

The static ads promoted a series of workshops for mental-health professionals. I used variations of the colors in MHAW’s logo to connect the images to the organization’s branding. Headshots of the expert speakers provided an immediate draw, and semitransparent vector graphics added interest to the background.

For the print ad, I chose images that represented the range of MHAW’s programs and the diversity of its community. The color scheme harmonized with the logo.

The flyer informed readers about World Mental Health Day and solicited videos for a social media campaign about kindness.

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Dawn Cavalieri
Designer, Artist, Photographer, Editor, and Writer New York, NY