Hydro Flask Travel Tumblers Color Palette
Trillium Hydro Flask Travel Tumbler
Spring 2023 Color Launch
Spring 2023 Color Launch
Spring 2023 Limited Edition Launch
Fall 2022 Color Launch
Spring 2022 Kids Color Launch
Hydro Flask

I have worked with Hydro Flask on color design and trend strategy for the last several years, starting with the 2022 product season. I kick off each season with a detailed, brand-specific trend presentation, outlining major themes that will be meaningful for their consumers. I outline how Hydro Flask can directly incorporate these into its brand ethos through actionable items. I design the color palette and merchandising strategy, working with design, marketing, and sales to create the best overall approach - balancing exciting evolution, consumer desires, and business needs to maintain the market position of Color Leader.
Below are photos that showcase the color work I have done for them. Some highlights: Trillium (light pink) in the Travel Tumbler sold out multiple times. The Fall 2023 color palette: Agave, Berry, + Driftwood. The Spring 2023 palette: Lupine, Dew, + Mesa. Limited edition colors Cactus + Oat. 2022 color palette: Snapper, Seagrass, Laguna, Starfish, Goji, and Indigo.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Dawn Rae Knoth
Color Designer + Trend Strategist Bend, OR